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Our detox guide to selling your home- Godfrey Noles

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If, like me, you have probably eaten and drunk your way through the holidays, and are now promising yourself you will go for a run, or something equally as strenuous, then you will understand the need for a detox. No, I’m not asking you to drink some dreadful, funny coloured concoction, but when selling your home you need to have a property detox to get it in the best possible shape and maximise its potential.


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Let’s talk Energy Performance Certificates, or EPC as it’s commonly known. If you have sold your home in the last 9 years, or are a landlord, you will be familiar with this report. An EPC is a record of your home’s energy efficiency rating, and assessed on a scale of A to G – A being the most efficient. The report also provides recommendations on improvements that could be made, such as replacing the boiler or insulation.